Friday, January 1, 2010

TKGA Basics Program progress

Well, it’s New Years Day, Happy New Years to all my “online” friends. As promised I have been reviewing my TKGA Basics program. Most specifically Lesson 1 which I completed in February 2009. What I found most helpful and very interesting is that I wrote notes on the lesson pages as I progressed through the lesson. I could see my time line, when I stopped and started, to – do notes and notations of items to re-do and what to do on them. If I was to change something I think I would have added personal notes as to why I stopped and started and what was going on in my life at the time. I think I will add that as I restart this exciting journey.

Arenda’s comments on Lesson 1 were both helpful and enlightening. My knitting took a step up in quality after just Lesson 1. Can you imagine the difference when I have completed all three lessons? Arenda suggested a few books, corrected the type of yarn used (I used heathered, that is hard for the instructor to see the actual stitches) and made very helpful suggestions on tension, increases, bind off and cast on preferences based on what kind of project you are working on.

OK now I will go onto Lesson 2. OK – I started Swatch 5, and never finished. I will re-start Swatch 5 so I don’t have any variations. I used to like doing a swatch in one sitting, I think tension and the swatch is more consistent. I have 100 % domestic wool in aran and Patons Classic Wool in Merino, Winter White. OK my next goal is to finish this swatch by the end of this weekend. That is a very aggressive goal but I know I can do it!