Tuesday, July 27, 2010

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test post

Friday, January 1, 2010

TKGA Basics Program progress

Well, it’s New Years Day, Happy New Years to all my “online” friends. As promised I have been reviewing my TKGA Basics program. Most specifically Lesson 1 which I completed in February 2009. What I found most helpful and very interesting is that I wrote notes on the lesson pages as I progressed through the lesson. I could see my time line, when I stopped and started, to – do notes and notations of items to re-do and what to do on them. If I was to change something I think I would have added personal notes as to why I stopped and started and what was going on in my life at the time. I think I will add that as I restart this exciting journey.

Arenda’s comments on Lesson 1 were both helpful and enlightening. My knitting took a step up in quality after just Lesson 1. Can you imagine the difference when I have completed all three lessons? Arenda suggested a few books, corrected the type of yarn used (I used heathered, that is hard for the instructor to see the actual stitches) and made very helpful suggestions on tension, increases, bind off and cast on preferences based on what kind of project you are working on.

OK now I will go onto Lesson 2. OK – I started Swatch 5, and never finished. I will re-start Swatch 5 so I don’t have any variations. I used to like doing a swatch in one sitting, I think tension and the swatch is more consistent. I have 100 % domestic wool in aran and Patons Classic Wool in Merino, Winter White. OK my next goal is to finish this swatch by the end of this weekend. That is a very aggressive goal but I know I can do it!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sampler for Maria

Here is a cross stitch wedding sampler I started. I actually purchased it in August of this year on vacation. It is for my oldest who is getting married in July 2009. Getting it done slow but steady.

Marias wedding sampler

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Saving money using the intenet

Hello everyone:

I just wanted to share with you three great websites for saving money. I just learned of them so I will be trying them, using them and letting everyone know the pro's and con's.
The sites are www.retailmeknot.com,www.promotionalcodes.com, and www.couponcabin.com. They seem very good. I did have the opportunity to use promotionalcodes.com and it worked well. I purchased a Vera Bradley purse for my mother-in-law for Christmas. I used a promotional code from this site and got 10% off my total order, and the purse was already on sale so... double savings. It worked well.

If you try the sites, please post any information that can help us use them better.

Do you have any internet tips on saving money?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Centerpiece for Halloween/Birthday Party

Hi Everyone:

I just thought I would share with you a centerpiece design that is a great idea for any fall party. It is a small pumpkin cut in half, cleaned out with a candle in the middle. We put the pumpkin on a decorative paper plate and added some of our fall leaves. Boy, we have a bunch of those. When you light the candle it makes a real nice focal point for your table. I don't have a large kitchen table so the size worked also.

Be creative!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Birthdays and the Holidays, lets celebrate the savings.

It was my daughters 19th birthday last night. Having a birthday near Halloween is exciting and the benefit is it usually continues over a long period of time. I love parties as much as the next guy but quite frankly it can get rather expensive. We have a small family party with the immediate family on her “real” birthday and one with the extended family on the weekend. We have a great time but it can get rather expensive so to cut the cost of the birthday cake, rather than buy one for each party, I make the one for the immediate family and buy an ice cream cake for the party over the weekend.

Another thing I do is buy the fall decorations around now. I just picked up two scarecrow decorations at 75% off (check your local Rite Aid, fall decorations are on sale). These fall decorations will be great and can be displayed until after thanksgiving. The savings were outstanding and look great.

Friday, June 26, 2009

It pays to just ask.

Everyone today has to acknowledge that working within a budget is no longer an option, it has becomes a necessity. Anyway you can save in one area allows you to have more resources to save, invest or use somewhere else. Like the title of this post states sometimes just asking can save alot of time, money and open opportunities you may miss when you don't ask. Some examples are:
My cell phone was upgraded within 30 days of purchasing it. I had the option of $100 refund or a free upgrade. Customers who don't ask don't automatically get these benefits. I was only told because I asked.

The eye doctor gives a 30% discount on frames when asked.

A bank reviewed the terms on my business line of credit. Reducing the rate. This is because I asked and I make payments on time. It is important to be careful to make your payments on time.

Also this week I had my business long distance rates reviewed by a different provider. This results in an average of $200 per month savings.

Sometimes we don't ask or consider our options because we are embarressed to ask, we are to busy or we just don't think about it. We should take the time because the best person to watch your budget, investments and financial well being is you.