Tuesday, March 24, 2009

New Novelty Scarf listed on site.

Hello everyone: Just had to show you a new scarf we listed in our shop today. Check it out!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

TKGA - Basic knitting coorespondence course

I have been working on completing the basics, basics, basic correspondence course being offered by The Knitting Guild of America. I completed level one. Wow what an awakening. I learned 5 increase methods and how and when to use them. We did 5 swatches, I submitted them and they were returned within a few days with very helpful, kind tips. I also received lesson 2 which I will start this weekend. I will start on scrap yarn before using the wool I purchased for the actual swatches just to be sure I understand what I have to do. This level is focused on decreases. The picture shows my first lesson swatches.

Doing this course makes you learn, research and critique your work, making you a better knitter. I have always wanted to design my own patterns. The Masters course with prepare you to do that. I have reached out and designed a dishcloth pattern and I kind of like it - I will post that soon.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Working on hubbys socks

I have been working on my hubbies socks for awhile. Every project comes before them. Not sure why just having a hard time focusing. Here is a pic.

I started them a few months ago using a pattern from the book Knitting Rules! They are my second pair of socks. I love knitting them they are very fun.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Hello everyone, here is an example of ocean jasper and silver bracelet I recently made and sold. The jasper is beautiful, it has every color so the bracelet matches everything. Amanda and I sat down the other night and brainstormed and got creative. Very rarely do we use a pattern book, our designs are unique. We never make the same thing twice. We have lot of fun though!
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My first post

Wait until I get home and show this blog to Amanda. She is going to love it. Amanda and I started an online spot for all things crafts. We focus on beads and fiber but we are always interested in talking about and kind of craft. Let's do that here. Forget your stresses and responsibilies (only for a short time) and lets get creative.

Time for the fun to begin.