Thursday, March 19, 2009

TKGA - Basic knitting coorespondence course

I have been working on completing the basics, basics, basic correspondence course being offered by The Knitting Guild of America. I completed level one. Wow what an awakening. I learned 5 increase methods and how and when to use them. We did 5 swatches, I submitted them and they were returned within a few days with very helpful, kind tips. I also received lesson 2 which I will start this weekend. I will start on scrap yarn before using the wool I purchased for the actual swatches just to be sure I understand what I have to do. This level is focused on decreases. The picture shows my first lesson swatches.

Doing this course makes you learn, research and critique your work, making you a better knitter. I have always wanted to design my own patterns. The Masters course with prepare you to do that. I have reached out and designed a dishcloth pattern and I kind of like it - I will post that soon.

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