Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ways to survive this economy

With every con there is a pro. This bad economy is on everyone’s mind, but there is a silver lining to every cloud. An economy like this does allow us to get back to basics and see clearer what is most important to us. I have always said “time is valuable” rather than “time is money”. There are more valuable things than money and this economy makes that even clearer.

This economy presents many challenges but with those challenges come with opportunities. Having to economize and reduce spending allows us to have more time with family, be greener and perhaps leave a smaller footprint on the planet. We will leave a less contaminated earth for generations to come if we are more conscious about what we use. We can teach our children what budgets are and how to use them, help them to understand what is important by our own actions and teach them not to be selfish and how to use the resources around them. Teaching by example is great.

I will be posting money saving tips daily. I would really appreciate input on how you and your household are saving and making ends meet in these challenging times. Let’s get some discussions going that will benefit us all.

My saving tips revolve around my life experiences which include being a wife, mother, business woman and crafter. My suggestions are biased by the fact that I love my faith, family and work. Many of my money saving tips will include links to how they relate to any of the topics that make me who I am.

OK here goes…

My first money saving tip is:

Buy boxes or bags of healthy snacks and divide into small plastics bags rather than purchasing convenience snack packs.

Try to keep your family healthy by providing healthy snacks. Keep away from the 100 calorie packs and that type of thing. Read the nutrition label and package each snack with the amount to adhere to your individual requirements. Purchase fruits and vegetables on sale and re-pack for on the go snacks.

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