Saturday, October 31, 2009

Birthdays and the Holidays, lets celebrate the savings.

It was my daughters 19th birthday last night. Having a birthday near Halloween is exciting and the benefit is it usually continues over a long period of time. I love parties as much as the next guy but quite frankly it can get rather expensive. We have a small family party with the immediate family on her “real” birthday and one with the extended family on the weekend. We have a great time but it can get rather expensive so to cut the cost of the birthday cake, rather than buy one for each party, I make the one for the immediate family and buy an ice cream cake for the party over the weekend.

Another thing I do is buy the fall decorations around now. I just picked up two scarecrow decorations at 75% off (check your local Rite Aid, fall decorations are on sale). These fall decorations will be great and can be displayed until after thanksgiving. The savings were outstanding and look great.

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