Friday, June 26, 2009

It pays to just ask.

Everyone today has to acknowledge that working within a budget is no longer an option, it has becomes a necessity. Anyway you can save in one area allows you to have more resources to save, invest or use somewhere else. Like the title of this post states sometimes just asking can save alot of time, money and open opportunities you may miss when you don't ask. Some examples are:
My cell phone was upgraded within 30 days of purchasing it. I had the option of $100 refund or a free upgrade. Customers who don't ask don't automatically get these benefits. I was only told because I asked.

The eye doctor gives a 30% discount on frames when asked.

A bank reviewed the terms on my business line of credit. Reducing the rate. This is because I asked and I make payments on time. It is important to be careful to make your payments on time.

Also this week I had my business long distance rates reviewed by a different provider. This results in an average of $200 per month savings.

Sometimes we don't ask or consider our options because we are embarressed to ask, we are to busy or we just don't think about it. We should take the time because the best person to watch your budget, investments and financial well being is you.

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