Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Giving and preserving

Another way to give without costing any money is to give blood if you can. When else can and average person give the gift of life. Unless you are in the medical profession, saving a person’s life is not on your agenda. Giving blood is an opportunity to do so. If you have the health to do such a wonderful thing I would suggest it. I gave blood last night, it makes you feel great. It only took about 45 min, it is not uncomfortable and you even get a snack when you are done. What could be better?

Saving tip – Saving water has many benefits. Your water bill is less, your sewer/septic bills are less and you save the environment. Water is a limited resource. Many people throughout the world live without a good water supply. Here in America we are fortunate enough to have a good clean supply of water. We can take such a blessing for granted. Conserve the environment and water by using common sense solutions like:
Don’t run the water while brushing your teeth.
When rinsing dishes have the water drain over the basin/sink your dishes are in.
Make sure your dishwasher is full before running it.
Take showers instead of baths.
Take shorter showers.
Only water your lawn/garden when needed using only as much as needed.

Use two cups of water when water painting the first one takes most of the paint off the brush, the second gets any remnants of water.

Be conscious when you are using water, for ways to save it. Does anyone else have a great water saving tips we can share with each other?

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