Saturday, May 9, 2009

Making a Square Saturday

What a wonderful day, spending it making a square for orphans of South Africa. There is a group who collects 8 x 8 squares and sews them together to make afghans for the many orphans. There is a group on ravelry that supports the cause. You can also get more information from their website.

This is a great way to give to others with the stash and left over yarn you may be collecting. I also make 7” x 9” squares for warm up America that does the same thing here in America. The website is here.

I like trying out new stitches on these squares. I also like to do very simple patterns that I can take anywhere and just knit away and not have to think about it. Great for car rides and times when you may have a little time here or there. Today I needed a break from the wrap I am working on so the simple pattern was a welcome relief. Comment and let me know what you are working on. I would love to hear what everyone is doing.

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