Friday, May 8, 2009

Have a great weekend!

For the weekend let’s think about inexpensive or free activities we can do with our families. Garage sale and flea market browsing is free and fun. Craft fairs are many times free and you can enjoy the browsing and a little snack. Some schools and townships have family fun days that have games, sales and good food. Face painting is a favorite amount they young folk.

Visiting a local park or state campground is free and there are lots of things to do. Many state campgrounds offer facilities like, play grounds, lakes, pools and picnic areas. This offers families great places to have fun. Pack a lunch with various food, snacks and beverages. Brew up a pot of ice tea, pack some peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (my families favorite) and some healthy snacks of off you go to the park. The kids can burn up some energy and you can catch some rays!

Front porch sitting is also a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Spending time at home can be fun, playing games, visiting with family, cooking and baking and preparing for the week ahead at a nice pace instead of rushing around to get ready. As my hubby reminds me often “less is more”.

Our society is so busy that finding ways to do these types of activities is refreshing and helps us slow down and enjoy our blessings. This economy has its benefits. It allows us to realize what is important to us and teaches us how to have fun again.

Remember, “time is valuable”, we only have a short time on this earth to enjoy nature, families and friends. Use every moment to the max.

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