Friday, May 1, 2009

Tip #3 - Make some jewelry, have fun and save money.

What could be better?

Making your own jewelry is not only fun but it also reduces your cost to accessorize. There are many advantages to making your own jewelry. It is less expensive, it is fun, it allows you to be creative and you can make the exact jewelry you want using the colors and bead types you like. You also won’t see everyone else wearing the same piece.

Go out there, shop the sales, check store websites for coupons (A.C. Moore and Michaels usually always have something), and buy some cool beads in your favorite color. I love it having fun while saving money.

Make sure to have beads, wire or stretchy beading line, clasps, crimp beads and a crimping tool. That is all you need to make a beautiful necklace or bracelet.

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