Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend camping at a state park

Our family just got home from a wonderful economical Memorial Day weekend trip. We went family camping at a very nice state campground. We enjoyed our weekend at Hickory Run State Campground in PA. The many wonderful activities at this campground but it features boulder field. This field of boulders was formed 20,000 years ago during a deep freeze. About 20,000 years ago, the ice was 1 mile thick. It spanned from Canada to 1 mile north of Boulder field. The climate was very cold and winter lasted 6 months. With the freezing and unfreezing of the ground the boulders were formed. The boulders are 1 mile deep and under them runs a river. The boulder field keeps getting smaller at a very slow pace. As the leaves fall and the trees plant themselves the land is expanding into the boulders.

It was a great trip. They have a campground with running water, flush toilets and real nice shower facilities that provide a lot of privacy. I hate campgrounds that you dress and undress in a common dressing room. I am just to private of a person to like that, I like to dress in privacy. When I got home I was ready to give myself my own manicure and facial. Rather than spend the money for a professional one and I didn’t even want to leave the house to get one done I decided to use some fancy facial cleanser and clay cleaner, then some facial lotion. I also did my nails. I put on my lotion and worked on my cuticles and painted my nails.

Camping in a state campground is fun and stress reduction for the whole family. It is great bonding with friends and family. After spending this time with others, come home and pamper yourself. Painting your nails and doing your own facial saves a lot of money. So take a leisurely bath, paint your fingernails and toenails and take the time to clean and moisturize your face.

Having a great weekend does not always require a lot of money. How did you spend your weekend?


  1. We used to camp up in that area! Loved it up there.

    I remember climbing on the rocks at a park called Blue Rocks.

    Our weekend was spent trying to get some yard work fit in between the rain storms and having a cookout. DH made a yummy steak! Mmmmmmmmmm...

    Glad you had a great trip ... now I'm off to do my OWN manicure. Good idea.

  2. Great! Hope your manicure came out well - I will have to check out the Blue Rock park. I have heard of a ringing rock park - I want to check that out also.