Tuesday, May 19, 2009

There are many benefits from a slow economy

There are many benefits from a slow economy.

Spending time with family is a benefit from a slow economy. After a walk with my husband around the neighborhood, my daughter and I spent last night around the kitchen table painting. The cost was next to nothing but the quality time was immeasurable. Here is what we created.

Garden Rocks_sm

This is my stress relieving works of art. I will be putting them in my garden. I have to find a spray that will stop the rain from washing the paint off of them. I think I have some in my workshop but it is old and I don’t know if it will spray or not. That is my project tonight.

The Wind_sm

This is Amanda’s work of art. She loves art. She wants to pursue a career in it. She will be graduating from high school next month. Then off to college in September to work for her Bachelors in Fine Arts.

I schedule time in my day to spend on things I like to do. We can all learn from the young. Watch a young person, when they get up they immediately start to play or do something they love. We can learn from them to stay young at heart. I try to get up early in the morning, not to complete never ending chores but to spend time doing something I love. Sometimes it is quiet time studying the scriptures or it may be doing my favorite craft. Then I proceed through my day completing necessary chores and tasks. As the day ends, I make sure to spend time with family. When we are done with dinner and some time together we all seem to go about our business in the household. Again, out come my creative projects and I work on them. Sometimes I am blessed with the company of my husband or one of my daughters. My oldest is a teacher and tends to like to work with paper projects. She makes wonderful cards and scrapbooking pages. I often help her get projects done for her classes though out the week.

How do you schedule your day? We would love to hear and learn from you.

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